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With Totaal you’re in full control of your web presence. We provide a bespoke solution which starts with our quick, reliable and manageable web-hosting, continues through your consultative, client focussed website development and carries on post-launch with our unrivalled, friendly and supportive aftersales and support. We don’t just make websites, we provide you with the services you need to succeed online.

Totaal build bespoke items of digital infrastructure for your company which helps you keep pace with this change and ahead of your competitors. From simple integrations which create composite social feeds or post your news and blog updates to your social channels right the way through to bespoke social networks and learning platforms, Totaal are with you every step of the way.

We work across organisations to help each crucial part of the team develop the confidence in their ability to engage with the web. From customer service portals or learning platforms right the way through to Customer Service accounts and Chief Executive’s blogs, we develop the staff and infrastructure to make projects work.

As well as uncovering your data; we also specialise in presenting it beautifully. Where sheets and sheets of bar charts and spreadsheets do part of the job in presenting data, infographics and other visualisation tools do the job so much better. The human eye is more attuned to interpret information visually and our visualisation tools help bring your facts and figures to life.

Our people

Assembly is home to many talented people, from designers and artists to business leaders and influencers